Dr. Ronit Land

Dr. Ronit Land was born in Israel. She had studied with Merce Cunningham, Bonnie Bird and Anna Halprin before returning to her country, to join up in building up the dance-education programme for the Ministry of Education.

She has worked with soloists of Merce Cunningham, the Kibbutz Dance Company and the Israel Festival, and had her own dance companies in San-Francisco, and Brussels as now in west-Germany.

Working a lot in theatre and opera, she received prises and nominations at the Festival of Edinburg( The Dybuk of Zofia Kalinska- Cricot2), the Festival of Recklinghausen (World premiere of the first contemporary Palestinian opera) and the Festival of Berlin (Le Depart).

Dr. Land is member of the board of directors at the Dance-Council of Germany and the director of the Dance-Department at the Academy of Arts-education in Remscheid.

Her book on the work of Anna Halprin: Tanz Prozesse Gestalt (2010) the first written in German, was published in Germany in 2009.

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