Carolina de Pedro Pascual

Carolina de Pedro Pascual (1969, Buenos Aires, Repתblica Argentina )

Profession: Teacher of Classical Dances – Editor of Danza Ballet

In 1975, I began to study ballet in the Colon Theatre High School of Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After eight years, I obtained a Professional Ballerina Diploma. In 1993, I was invited to study and collaborate with Serguei Randchenko's Ballet Company. Randcheklo is an Honorary Artist of Russia and teacher of the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow. He has founded, together with Maris Liepa, the Moscow Festival: today known as the RUSSIAN NATIONAL BALLET.

I have studied with numerous ballet teachers, both national and international, and important figures in this field such as: Aםda Aizemberg, Alexander Sochinsky, Rada Eichenbaum, Ethel Lynch, Zarko Prebil, Vladimir Vasiliev, Serguei Radchenko among others.

I teach ballet for both children and adults using the Vaganova technique. I organize intensive and regular courses on different modalities and levels of dance. I collaborate with own notes in important national and international magazines of ballet.

I live in Barcelona, Spain.

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