no ballet - 5th International choreography Competition

»no ballet«
5th International Choreography Competition

Dear dancers and choreographers!

In the last four years »no ballet« has established itself as a renowned player on the international dance scene – the proof: almost 1000 applications from more than 50 nations. Nearly 100 dancers and choreographers enchanted each time the audience, the jury and the media with their passion, hard work and enthusiasm. The result was three exciting days in the “Theater im Pfalzbau” – modern dance of the highest level!

Therefore the “Theater im Pfalzbau” will stage from 7th to 9th of October 2010 the 5th International Choreography Competition »no ballet«. Once again the event will take place according to the idea and artistic concept of the choreographer Juliane Rößler.

In the attachment you will find all the informations (artistic concept, conditions and application form) about this in that shape unique International Choreography Competition for modern and contemporary dance in Europe. Further informations and downloads you will find under

It would give us great pleasure if »no ballet« has awoken your interest and you will apply for it. We are looking forward to seeing your choreography!

Deadline for applications: 18th of July 2010.

Best wishes to all of you!


Juliane Rößler (Idea and artistic concept)


Ellen-T. Kokaras (Organisation)

Postal address for applications:

Ellen-T. Kokaras

Schloßgartenallee 50

D - 19061 Schwerin

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Summer program with the Kibbutzit Dance Company !

Tzofim Summer Dance:

Three Week Israel Summer Program: Dance Workshops, Israel Travel, Israeli Friends, and More!

About the Program:
The Galilee Dance Village is considered one of the most prestigious of its kind in Israel. Located in Kibbutz Ga'aton, The Galilee Dance Village of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company offers summer courses geared towards participants 15-18 years old who have been dancing for at least 3 years in a professional studio. This year, the village is extending its activities to students from Israel and around the globe as part of the Tzofim Summer Dance. Tzofim Summer Dance is a branch of the Friends of Israel Scouts, Inc. -Tzofim, an organization in America focused on integrating Israeli and American youth through various cultural and academic activities. The program is geared towards young dancers who are interested in furthering their dance abilities in a special and intensive setting that combines dancing with other social activities.

About the Dance Workshops:
The first day of the workshop will be focused on dividing participants into groups of five levels based on dance ability. Along with Israeli friends, you will participate in courses including high levels of classic ballet, point classes for those who are capable and have experience, modern dancing, and jazz, with the most professional dance teachers from Israel and around the world. Repertoire classes, composition classes, theater sessions, percussion classes, Pilates, sessions with nutritionists, dance films, and experiential and unique meetings with the professional dancers of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company are just some of the aspects involved in the program. The students will join a class with dancers for a day of rehearsals, and of course, will have a chance to watch the company's show.

The program is divided into two weeks of dance workshops and a week of touring Israel. During the first 2 weeks, participants will have dance classes from morning to afternoon. At the end of each day, participants will enjoy group activities, various workshops including art and music lessons, pool time, and other exciting activities. During the weekends, the participants from abroad will be hosted by the Israeli members of the program for Shabbat.
The final week will focus on touring Israel in the North, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Meals and Accommodations:
The Dance Village is located in Kibbutz Ga'aton where participants will be staying during the first two weeks.
During the final week, participants will be traveling around Israel and will be sleeping in hotels and youth hostels around Israel.
The participants will be provided with meals every day.

The most amazing course ever!
"This is the second time in a row that I spent my summer here. The course is two amazing weeks long and I feel like I gained so much during those two weeks. There is nothing more enjoyable than dancing all day long. I feel that because of the classes offered I became a much better dancer. The teachers are professional and the classes are fun and enjoyable. We learned a lot about the company's repertoire. We had great modern and classic dance lessons and a lot of other classes just for fun and our spirits. The Kibbutz is quiet and awesome. The experience that I got during this course was amazing. I got to know lots of new people.  We spent lots of time at the pool, and watched exciting DVDs in the evenings. Our crew of counselors was outstanding. After two summers here, in the Galilee Dance Village, I felt like I gained so much from the courses and I will definitely come back."
Sapir Shalev

Dates and Fees:
Dates 1/7/2010 - 21/7/2010
: $2700 (without airfare)

For more details please contact the
Friends of Israel Scouts, Inc. - Tzofim,
Israel Summer Programs Department
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or at (212) 451-6275.

Aharona (Roni)  Tagar
Director of Israel Summer Programs
Friends of Israel Scouts, Inc. - Tzofim
50 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-451-6275
Fax: 212-451-6280
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PRISMA MEXICO 2009 is an international forum where artists, promoters, curators, critics, researchers, scholars and organizations from all over the world will meet to think art from within to re-imagine our world.

Dance, theater, music, performance.  TODAY’S performing arts question and transform; they generate new perspectives and bold innovations.

Various contexts, different realities, multiple codes, values, methods, and aesthetics. An intercultural effort which implies crossing barriers and escalating limits. A framework that allows for recognizing differences and yet, enables equitable interaction.

The topics that will be addressed at PRISMA include diverse aesthetics and methodologies for the creation of contemporary art; new codes: the artist-spectator relationship; media and technology; migration and transculturalism in the arts; audience development strategies; alternative artistic education and production models; the arts as a social and political tool; best practices and new cultural public policies.

27.6.-4.7.09 - Oaxaca

5.7.-12.7.09 - Mexico