Yuri Grigorovich in Danza Ballet

As one of the most important choreographers of the second half of the XX century and a living ballet legend, Yuri Nikolaievich Grigorovich (1927) needs no introduction.

Grigorovich graduated from the Choreographic in 1946 and joined the Kirov Ballet (now the Mariinsky Theatre), specializing in demi-caractère roles. Born into an artistic family linked to the Russian Imperial Ballet, husband of one of the greatest prima ballerinas of all time, the immortal Natalia Bessmertnova (1941-2008), his life has been dedicated to mastery of the art of choreography, excellence and carrying on the tradition of Russian classical ballet.

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Lia Schubert: dancing in Israel

In 1968 Lia (Lea) Schubert arrived in Israel, after having served for eleven years as Artistic Director of the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. She decided to settle in the artists' village in Ein Hod establishing a school as well as a dance company in Haifa. The school attracted many students, young people and adults, dance fans and professionals, dancers and artists of various fields. All were attracted to her non-compromising professional attitude, the variety of dance styles that were taught and the excellent teachers who came from all over the world in order to teach thanks to Lia's professional ties.


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Dance Today - The Dance Magazine of Israel

The magazine Dance Today, published twice a year reflects the work and achievements of the rich and prosperous dance scene in Israel. It serves as a platform for qualitative writing on dance in Israel with relationships to the international dance scene.

Dance Today is supported by Israel's Ministry of Culture, its publisher is Tmuna Theatre, and the editors are Dr. Henia Rottenberg and Dr. Ruth Eshel.

Issue 16 (December 2009) deals with various aspects and meanings of tension that stretch out between centre and periphery. The English translated article is "Fringe's at the Center: Tetris by Noa Dar" by Henia Rottenberg.

To purchase a copy please contact Tmuna Theatre, Tel: 03-5629462