Between Heaven and Earth

Jewish Contemporary Dance Festival

November 8th-11th, 2010 Jerusalem

After thousands of years of exile of the body from the spirit, the world of
Dance-Theater meets the Jewish world.

Four evenings of dance, including four premieres, workshops, and a discussion panel of Jewish spiritual leaders and leading choreographers. The world of Dance-Theater meets the Jewish world its characters, images, and themes.

The performances are open to the general public. During the first two evenings all of the works will be performed solely by male dancers, in order to allow the religous public to watch the performances.

The festival is part of the "Kol Atzmotai" Project which began ten years ago, under the guidance of the choreographer Ronen Itzhaki, in an attempt to explore the meeting point between body and spirit, according to both the world of Jewish spirituality and the contemporary medias of theater and dance.