Iphigenie auf Tauris by Pina Bausch

Iphigenie auf Tauris, a dance-opera by Pina BauschThe Gran Teatre del Liceu 2010/11 season opened with Pina Bausch's choreographed version of Gluck's opera Iphigenie auf Tauris. With a libretto by Nicolas-François Guillard (1752-1814), the work is inspired by the tragedy of Euripides and was the German choreographer's first dance-opera, choreographed in 1973.

David Dawson's Giselle for the Dresden SemperOper Ballet

David Dawson's Giselle for the Dresden SemperOper BalletThe world of the stage has been enriched by David Dawson's subtle reworking of Giselle for the Dresden SemperOper Ballet, shown at the Liceu Theatre in Barcelona.

Critical junctures in spectator / performer interactions in Tetris by Noah Dar

Critical junctures in spectator / performer interactions in Tetris by Noah DarThe Israeli choreographer Noah Dar and the plastic artist Nati Shamia-Ofer collaborate in Tetris,a dance that was ordered in 2006 by the Akko Festival of Alternative Theatre in Israel (The dance was awarded for its innovation). The dialogue between the artists generates a unique performance space in which the viewers observe the occurrence from the place where the dancers' feet meet the dancing floor. Shamia-Ofer created for this dance a special structure - a raised wooden floor, in which openings were made. The viewers stand under that surface, insert their heads through the openings and watch the dance.

Photo: Tamar Lam


Yuri Grigorovich in Danza Ballet

As one of the most important choreographers of the second half of the XX century and a living ballet legend, Yuri Nikolaievich Grigorovich (1927) needs no introduction.

Grigorovich graduated from the Choreographic in 1946 and joined the Kirov Ballet (now the Mariinsky Theatre), specializing in demi-caractère roles. Born into an artistic family linked to the Russian Imperial Ballet, husband of one of the greatest prima ballerinas of all time, the immortal Natalia Bessmertnova (1941-2008), his life has been dedicated to mastery of the art of choreography, excellence and carrying on the tradition of Russian classical ballet.