Eroticism - Pornography for the Elite?

This paper, " Eroticism - Pornography for the Elite? A Close reading in Lea Anderson's The Featherstonehaughs Draw on the Sketch Books of Egon Schiele (1998) I submitted in the conference "Interdisciplinary Landscapes: Postfeminist Practices in the Arts" hels in University College Northampton, UK in 16th-18th September, 2004.

Rami Be’er - A Political Choreographer

The work of Rami Be’er, an Israeli choreographer working with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company since 1981, is analysed in order to establish the types of subject matters he has chosen and the ways in which has dealt with it. Be’er’s development as a choreographer is placed in the context of the development of contemporary dance in Israel, influenced both by immigration from Central Europe and by visits from North American companies. Both abstract and expressive influences can be identified in Be’er’s work, and the ways in which these different strategies function as processes of signification is discussed. 

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